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EAGLE Caddie Program

Portland Parks Golf courses are proud supporters of the EAGLE Caddie Program.

The Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R), The Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation, public and private high schools in the city of Portland have joined forces to create the EAGLE Caddie Program (Early Adventures in Golf for a Lifetime of Enjoyment), a special internship program. Students who meet the requirements earn an hourly wage, work credit hours, and have a mentor who monitors their development. Additionally, their participation in the program allows them an opportunity to be awarded a full tuition scholarship including room and board.

To reserve a caddie, call the golf shop where you will be playing.

EAGLE Caddie Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Only freshmen currently enrolled in public or private high schools within the City of Portland are eligible to apply for this three-year program.
  • Participants are required to work up to 20 hours a week during the summer.
  • Must have achieved a 9th-grade cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.25.
  • Students’ family household income must not exceed $75,000.
  • Participants must enroll in the three-year EAGLE Caddie Program with the expectation of completing it.

Welcoming all high schoolers

It is not necessary to have prior golf experience. Participants in the EAGLE Caddie Program who complete it successfully are qualified to compete for an Evans Scholarship. This scholarship covers accommodation and tuition at the University of Oregon, and it is renewable for a maximum of four years. The Western Golf Association sponsors Evans Scholarships, which are worth more than $100,000 over four years. Evans Scholar eligibility standards include having a need for financial aid, being a model citizen, and performing well in both academics and caddie duties.

Learn more about the EAGLE caddie program here. 

*Students who attend high schools that are not located within the city of Portland may contact the following golf courses about their area’s respective caddie programs: Oswego Lake Country Club, Portland Golf Club, Riverside Golf & Country Club, Royal Oak Country Club in Vancouver, Tualatin Country Club, Waverley Country Club, and Willamette Valley Country Club.