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Welcome to the Eastmoreland Women’s Golf Club

Benefits of joining Eastmoreland Women’s Golf Club (EWGC):

• Fixed morning tee times on Thursdays and Saturdays March thru October
• Planned weekly games, March thru September
• Challenging and fun tournaments throughout the season. Most flighted with gross and net
• USGA Handicapping service available
• Special Events i.e., Nine & Wine, Away Plays at different courses
• Participation in the OGA’s Women’s Interclub Play

Membership Benefits:

Bi-weekly computed USGA handicap service with OGA membership.

Play on 2 of the finest 18-hole golf courses in the Portland area

Weekly play with preferred tee times on Tuesdays & Saturdays

3 club tournaments and season-long "ringer" tournament

Learn more about our events

Please visit the EWGC Facebook Group for the latest information on all our events. For a list of all the events, please view the 2023 Calendar.