Welcome to the Rose City Women’s Club!

Welcome to the Rose City Putters! We are a diverse group of women who enjoy golf, the outdoors, and spending time with each other on the course each week. Please check the links below to join the Putters and discover the many ways you can participate in Rose City Putters women’s golf.

Groups play every Thursday morning beginning in early March (pre season) until the end of October (post season) with the official season taking place from the first Thursday in April to the last Thursday in September. Play begins in the morning at 8:30 AM with groups scheduled every 10 minutes thereafter. Check out the link to the “Putter’s 2023 Season Schedule with Day’s Play” and see the many different ways we enjoy the challenge that comes our way each golf-game day.

Rose City Putter’s membership registration begins in February and closes April 1st. Membership fees are $57 for each new member and $55 for returning members. These membership fees include participation in the Oregon Golf Association (OGA). Please fill out the registration form (link below) according to the directions and send it to the address noted on the bottom of that form.

We welcome all new members and can’t wait to meet YOU!

Registration Form & Dues
2023 Putters Schedule
Day’s Play Descriptions
Golf Day & Scorecard Instructions

For more information, please email rosecityputters@gmail.com